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RideCo Connects Calgary Communities with Industry-Best Productivity

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Calgary Transit, one of the largest public transit agencies in North America, had a first/last mile gap in two developing neighborhoods, Carrington and Livingston in Northern Calgary. The agency partnered with RideCo to introduce an on-demand transit service that would connect these two communities to the job opportunities within the city’s existing fixed-route network.

“We’re excited about this app. We are keeping up with the times and offering the service in a way that meets need and is most economical."
Jyoti Gondek, Mayor, City of Calgary


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Calgary Transit highlighted a variety of challenges they were experiencing with their existing solution. In order to connect these two communities to job opportunities, it was important for RideCo to ensure they were able to address the issues of developing communities with incomplete road networks, low population density with few job opportunities, no access to transit hub without vehicle ownership, and limited/no local bus routes.

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Using RideCo’s technology, Calgary Transit On-Demand provides high-efficiency and seamless connections that simplify trips for commuters living in the Carrington/Livingston neighborhoods. With increased first/last mile connectivity to key transit hubs, residents can access employment opportunities that were previously difficult to access without vehicle ownership. The service provides trips for 217 passengers per weekday and delivers industry-best productivity, resulting in 9.3 weekday passengers per vehicle, 92% average shared rides, and a 4.8/5 average star trip rating.

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