Connecting Calgary Communities with High-Efficiency Microtransit

Calgary, Alberta

About this case study

Serving over 100 million trips per year system-wide, Calgary Transit is one of the largest public transit agencies in Canada with over 1150 active service vehicles. Until RideCo however, residents in Carrington and Livingston — two newer communities in the northernmost part of Calgary — had no easy means of accessing the high-quality express transit that would connect them to other parts of the City.

To address this problem, RideCo partnered with PW Transit to provide first and last mile connections and short local trips for residents of the Carrington-Livingston area in order to better integrate these newer neighborhoods into the city at large.

In this case study you'll read about:

  • The challenges Calgary Transit faced in connecting two new Northern communities to their existing transit system
  • How RideCo designed and now operates an on-demand transit service to provide first/last mile service in the area
  • The impact this solution has had including key metrics from the project

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"We’re excited about this app.... Simply access the app and say that you need a ride, need to be picked up, very much like any kind of a rideshare app. It would tell you the time you can expect a ride to show up and where you need to be.... We are keeping up with the times and offering the service in a way that meets need and is most economical."

- Jyoti Gondek, Councilor for the City of Calgary