Driver Bonus

For a limited time RideCo is offering newly onboarded drivers the opportunity to earn extra money just for driving with us.

Here's how it works:
First 10 rides - earn an extra $25.00
First 25 rides - earn an extra $50.00
First 50 rides - earn an extra $100.00

Total of $175 bonus

Less downtime

With RideCo, you can earn money during your Uber downtime by accepting requests from RideCo passengers. With both apps running at the same time, you open yourself up to twice the user base and twice the riding requests. That means more income for you when you’re behind the wheel; in fact, our drivers report earning significantly more when they drove with RideCo and Uber, as opposed to just Uber.

Longer Rides

RideCo’s platform heavily emphasizes shared rides – matching riders who are going in the same direction. Our algorithm prioritizes creating routes that ensure your vehicle is as full as it can be, for the longest time possible. That means our typical ride is much longer than those of our competitors, as seen by the map on the right. The end result? Less downtime and more income for you, when you go home.


Get Paid for Long Pick-Ups

Sick of driving 20 km just to have a $5 trip?
We didn't think that was fair to drivers and so that doesn't happen on RideCo! We pay after the first 5 km when you have to drive far for a pickup. This means that, for example, if you had to drive 20 km to go pick up a passenger, you would be paid for 15 km + the full fare. With this knowledge you no longer have to check where the passenger is, you can simply accept the ride and know that you will be paid if the pick up is farther than 5 km. Join RideCo and earn more! 

Online Bonus

Get paid to be online! Our system will send you offers to be online for 15 mins, either in your current location or to go to a specific location and simply be online. This means you can make some extra income by simply being available for rides when the system calculates that we need an extra driver or two to be in a specific area. Drivers have earned over $90 a week just in standby bonus offers! Just another way that RideCo is able to help drivers achieve the maximum income possible.