Responding to COVID-19 With On-demand Transit

April 14, 2020

About this webinar

COVID-19 has presented unprecedented challenges to transit agencies. In this webinar we share some tactics that we've seen agencies use to maintain performance in their transit networks using on-demand transit.

What you'll learn from this webinar:

  • How you can manage budget decline, maintain essential access and configure on-demand transit to provide essential goods to vulnerable people
  • Pandemic response case studies with microtransit
  • How on-demand transit can help your agency manage budgets and maintain transit access

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Stephen Kuban
Stephen Kuban
Director of Service Design and Planning

Stephen Kuban is RideCo’s Director of Service Design and Planning and directs the service model design work of our microtransit deployments, service expansions, and feasibility studies. Stephen works with transit agencies and municipalities to design and implement on-demand transit systems that achieve industry-leading KPIs. He has designed microtransit service models for Los Angeles Metro, Calgary Transit, Exo (Montreal), Hampton Roads Transit and a roster of other significant partners. Stephen is a veteran of the microtransit industry and was a key member of the world’s first on-demand transit system that launched in 2015.

Dustin Heimler
Dustin Heimler
Director of Business Development and Partnerships

Dustin Heimler is the Director of Business Development and Partnerships at RideCo and is responsible for growing our market share across North America, Europe, and Asia. Dustin oversees a team of account executives, service designers, marketers, and business writers who help transit agencies, municipalities, and transit operators implement dynamic on-demand microtransit solutions that improve transit, increase ridership, and reduce the cost-per-passenger. Dustin has had an integral role in implementing 20+ on-demand transit services with RideCo since 2019, including expansions in Los Angeles, Calgary, and Houston.