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From Limited Mobility to On Demand: How City of Leavenworth Launched RideLV

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The On-Demand Transit Solution.


Located within the Kansas City metropolitan area, City of Leavenworth identified the critical need to improve community infrastructure to provide residents with increased mobility. Through an extensive process that included area studies, needs assessments, stakeholder committee meetings, and public engagement activities, the city determined that on-demand transit would be the most equitable and accessible mobility option—for residents with limited income, people with disabilities, and seniors in particular. With their Transit Plan in place, City of Leavenworth’s next step was to find the proper resources to deliver an efficient on-demand transit service.

Going from having no public transit to RideLV, City of Leavenworth has made huge strides by providing mobility that efficiently serves its residents. Public transit has a central role in Leavenworth’s anticipated growth, and the partnership between The Guidance Center and RideCo has provided a foundation to build a more robust and integrated network in the future.
Julie Hurley, Director of Planning and Community Development, City of Leavenworth

Use Case

Low-Density Area Mobility

With no existing public transit system, Leavenworth residents relied on personal vehicles or inefficient modes of transportation to access essential destinations and employment opportunities located both within and outside the city.

RideCo Solution

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When it came time to choose a technology partner, City of Leavenworth looked to the neighboring Kansas City Area Transportation Authority (KCATA). The agency was operating an existing on-demand transit service using RideCo’s industry-leading platform under the IRIS name and white-labelled Passenger App. Given the successful and trusted partnership with KCATA, City of Leavenworth decided to partner with RideCo and launch RideLV through the IRIS Passenger App. Although the service has different requirements than the existing IRIS program, RideCo’s dynamic platform has the capabilities to provide the City of Leavenworth with a right-sized on-demand transit solution that meets the community’s mobility needs.

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