Profile Manager
Personalized Experience. Efficient Booking. User Groups.
A centralized space to store rider information including ride preferences, emergency contacts, standing orders, and more.
RideCo’s Transit Profile Manager is an essential tool for managing client information, helping drivers stay informed, and providing the best possible service.
How it works
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Profile Manager
Transit Service Quality
Our Transit Profile Manager gives transit operators access to important passenger information such as health information, emergency contacts, or any mobility devices they may use, giving riders the most personalized on-demand experience possible.
Standing Order Booking
RideCo’s Transit Profile Manager allows for standing order booking, which is perfect for riders who need transportation on a regular basis, such as daily or weekly trips. With the ability to book standing orders, you can ensure riders always have a ride when they need it, without having to schedule each trip manually.
User Group Applications
If your transit agency provides paratransit services, you can easily collect and review applications from a passenger with disabilities. If you provide transit for students, RideCo’s Transit Profile Manager allows you to manage student applications and ensure that only authorized riders are transported.
What Makes Us Different?
Our software is designed to provide your riders and transit operators with flexible, on-demand transit solutions.
Enable multimodal interconnectivity and adoption through RideCo’s trip planning and faring integrations.
Performance Dashboard
Consolidated insights designed to empower data-driven decision making about on-demand transit services.
Serve both microtransit and paratransit rides with the same fleet by picking up and dropping off microtransit passengers at flex stops and paratransit passengers at doorsteps.
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