We Make Urban Mobility Personal, Accessible, and Sustainable
RideCo was the first company to offer an on-demand solution to help agencies and municipalities transform their transit systems.
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To Make Urban Mobility Personal and Sustainable
RideCo was founded in 2013 by co-founders Prem Gururajan, Matthew Monteyne, and Darren Maki with a vision to solve transit challenges. With innovative software, RideCo helps transit agencies and municipalities drive sustainability by reducing the environmental impact of their public transit systems. Today, our patented technology has powered more than 60 services in cities worldwide, including some of the largest transit systems in the United States and Canada - Los Angeles, Houston, Las Vegas, Calgary, and San Antonio.
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The On-Demand Transit Solution.
We built RideCo because our own family members were struggling to use transit to get to work and school, and we realized that this is an unnecessary challenge millions of people around the world struggle with daily. Our talented and dedicated RideCo team is solving an incredibly difficult mobility and engineering problem, and our implementations with some of North America’s largest transit agencies indicate we’re succeeding - improving the rider experience, enabling transit agencies to be more efficient and reducing environmental impact.
Prem Gururajan, Co-Founder and CEO, RideCo

Award-Winning Transit Solution

RideCo's innovative transit solutions have been recognized with numerous awards for their significant impact on improving mobility in cities and transit agencies across North America.

We Make Transit Convenient to Ride, and Cost Effective to Operate
RideCo transforms traditional transit systems with its on-demand software, enhancing the passenger experience by improving wait times, and connecting urban communities with new transit solutions. Solver, our patented routing algorithm, is designed to continuously optimize rides in real time and offer guaranteed arrival times.  By implementing our on-demand solution, our partners have been able to reduce operational costs and increase efficiency by more than 15%.
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The On-Demand Transit Solution.
Proudly Serving Our Clients from Three North American Offices: USA and Canada
The On-Demand Transit Solution.

Our Patents

RideCo continuously drives new innovation and to date, has been awarded U.S. Patent Nos.:


Systems, devices, and methods for searching and booking ride-shared trips

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Systems, devices, and methods for searching and booking ride-shared trips

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Dynamic scheduling of driver breaks in a ride-sharing service

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The On-Demand Transit Solution.
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