Low-Density Area Mobility
Improve mobility for residents living in large areas with small populations and dispersed trip patterns.
This is a very convenient way for our customers to use public transit in our community. It's highly scalable in the sense [that] we can increase the number of vehicles based on demand for our service, and it can be completely integrated with our other service areas. We are now basing our service based on demands from our community.
Chris MacIsaac, Team Leader, Airdrie Transit
“[RideCo’s] On-demand transit has proven to be a true game-changer. The service has been tremendously successful as a flexible travel option that helps VIA become more efficient."
Jeffrey C. Arndt, President & CEO
Low-Density Area Mobility
Case Studies
Carrington/Livingston, Calgary
RideCo Connects Calgary Community with High-Efficiency and Productive On-Demand Transit
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San Antonio, Texas
San Antonio’s VIA Link Service Reduces Cost per Passenger by 36%
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