Data Insights
KPI Reports. Real-Time Transit Insights. Operational Intelligence.
Standardized and custom transit reporting to provide the operational and business intelligence required to monitor transit deployment.
RideCo provides cities and transit agencies with both predefined and tailored microtransit and paratransit reports to help them monitor on-demand transit deployment and make informed decisions.
How it works
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Data Insights
Standardized Transit KPI Reports
RideCo’s transit data insights provide standardized KPI reports to give insights into on-demand ridership, revenues, booking times, driver performance, and customer rating.
Raw Transit Data
RideCo’s transit software allows for exporting of raw transit data, including rides, vehicles, times, and locations, in a .csv format for further analysis. The raw trip request data is also available for export for use in future transit planning.
On-Demand Real-Time Transit Reports
Beyond standardized transit reporting, custom reports can also be generated to meet the specific needs of each city and transit agency.
What Makes Us Different?
Our software is designed to provide your riders and transit operators with flexible, on-demand transit solutions.
Performance Dashboard
Consolidated insights designed to empower data-driven decision making about on-demand transit services.
Automatic Booking Limitation
Automatically place temporary booking limitations on users who have a high rate of cancellations and no-shows.
Driver Scorecard
Daily summary that outlines unexpected driver behavior and mistakes that impacted service delivery.
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