The End-to-End Transit Solution
We turn static transit systems into dynamic, modern networks. Our software is designed to help you plan, operate, and optimize service productivity while reducing your transit costs.
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Upgrade paratransit to be timelier, more efficient, and on demand.
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Low-Density Mobility
Improve mobility for residents in large areas with smaller populations and dispersed trip patterns.
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Provide high-frequency connections that close the gap between fixed-route transit and trip origins and destinations.
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The On-Demand Transit Solution.
Underperforming Bus Routes
Replace poorly performing fixed-route buses with reliable and cost-effective microtransit.
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Long-Distance Commuting
Reduce the need for multiple transfers and long in-transit times with efficient single trips.
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Employee Commuting
Simplify your employees’ commutes and ensure they get to work on time for every shift.
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The On-Demand Transit Solution.
Transform Your Transit System with RideCo
Learn how agencies are making transit more convenient to ride and cost effective to operate using our industry-leading software.
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The On-Demand Transit Solution.
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