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Why partner with RideCo?
At RideCo we have set ambitious goals to enhance the efficiency, sustainability, and equity of transit systems. With patented technology, RideCo’s on-demand transit software is changing the way agencies deliver mobility to their communities.
Game Changing Paratransit
RideCo products dramatically transform legacy approaches to transit. We modernize and drastically evolve legacy software solutions to create demonstrable cost savings and significantly improved rider experience.
High Profile Transit Agency Clients
We have 4 of the largest 10 agencies across North America as our clients with a Net Promoter Score of "Excellent" that validates our best in class productivity and customer experience claims.
Robust Simulation & Design Capabilities
For continuous optimization, our software builds unique vehicle itineraries as new trips are added. Our real-time trip data makes adjustments to trips and schedules based on the latest information available.
Demonstrated Success with Partners
RideCo has a proven track record of collaborating with a diverse range of partners and consistently enabling them to achieve exceptional outcomes for their clients.
The On-Demand Transit Solution.
"The curb2curb service is a function and opportunity for METRO to make citizens' lives better today, tomorrow, and in the future. That is why we're doing what we're doing. ... [W]e recognize that quality of life in the community is when people have no obstacles to get to where they need to get to, whether it is [for] education, going to church, or visiting family. Transportation and mobility [do] that. It makes your lives easier. It reduces the obstacles that are in your way, and I'm proud."
Tom Lambert, Former METRO President and Chief Executive Officer, Houston METRO
The On-Demand Transit Solution.
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The On-Demand Transit Solution.
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