The On-Demand Transit Solution.

What Makes Us Different

We Fit Into Your Community, No Matter Where You Are
Whether you are a large metropolitan city or a small municipality, RideCo has the perfect on-demand transit solution for your community. Our paratransit and microtransit software provides a wide variety of features that help innovate transit systems for many cities and transit agencies all around the world.
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We Drive Continuous Innovation with a Different Mindset

We are committed to continuously improve and innovate our on-demand transit products and services with many unique capabilities, and to provide our clients with the best transit solution possible. At RideCo, we believe that transit agencies want to be progressive in order to bring a new approach to urban mobility, and to better serve their communities in the ever-changing world of technology.
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The On-Demand Transit Solution.
Dynamic Breaks
Streamline driver itinerary management through baked-in Dynamic Breaks.
Instant Assign
Avoid scheduling uncertainty by assigning rides to scheduled vehicles immediately upon booking.
Serve both microtransit and paratransit rides with the same fleet by picking up and dropping off microtransit passengers at flex stops and paratransit passengers at doorsteps.
Driver Scorecard
Daily summary that outlines unexpected driver behavior and mistakes that impacted service delivery.
Time Snapping
Create customizable trip frequencies to and from popular locations and fixed-route transit hubs.
Frequency Variation
Adjust ride availability in low-demand peripheral areas to lower service frequencies than areas with high demand, using a single fleet.
Configuration Optimizer
Continuous optimization against all possible seat configurations within the fleet to rearrange passengers dynamically and autonomously.
Automatic Booking Limitation
Automatically place temporary booking limitations on users who have a high rate of cancellations and no-shows.
Enable multimodal interconnectivity and adoption through RideCo’s trip planning and faring integrations.
Performance Dashboard
Consolidated insights designed to empower data-driven decision making about on-demand transit services.
Industry-leading cloud-based routing optimization system to drive operation efficiency while promoting high customer satisfaction.
The On-Demand Transit Solution.
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We Prioritize Customer Success

RideCo prioritizes customer success throughout the entire customer lifecycle, from initial service planning to program expansion. Our team works closely with clients to understand their goals and provide expert guidance to help them achieve success. We offer unparalleled service and support, with dedicated project teams available to optimize programs and assist our clients.
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The On-Demand Transit Solution.
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