Operations Center
Data Dashboards. Supportive Analytics. Operations Support.
Dashboard suite designed to streamline operations and service monitoring for your dispatch center.
RideCo’s comprehensive Operations Center is designed to optimize your dispatch operations and enhance service monitoring capabilities for your dispatch center.
How it works
Project Management and Executive Use
With RideCo’s dashboard suite, city and agency leadership teams are empowered to measure their KPIs, keep track of the current vehicle supply, upcoming operator breaks, and historical passenger demand. Our Operations Center also provides statistics on vehicle utilization, capacity trends, and overall operator performance.
Dispatch and Day-to-Day Use
RideCo’s dispatch dashboard suite offers a range of tools to streamline operations and enhance service monitoring, including itinerary, ride, and user trackers, as well as driver and fleet management tools. These features allow RideCo staff to effectively manage vehicle schedules, handle emergency situations, and optimize operator breaks based on real-time passenger demand.
Data Exports
RIdeCo’s Operations Center provides access to real-time and historical raw data that encompasses all reporting aspects of the on-demand operations in a .CSV format.
What Makes Us Different?
Our software is designed to provide your riders and transit operators with flexible, on-demand transit solutions.
Configuration Optimizer
Continuous optimization against all possible seat configurations within the fleet to rearrange passengers dynamically and autonomously.
Instant Assign
Avoid scheduling uncertainty by assigning rides to scheduled vehicles immediately upon booking.
Dynamic Breaks
Streamline driver itinerary management through baked-in Dynamic Breaks.
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