Technology for Next Generation transit

Fleet operators and public transit agencies around the world use RideCo's cloud based ‘dynamic shuttle’ software platform to provide on-demand shared rides in dynamically routed buses, vans and cars.



Fully automated technology that creates shared vehicle itineraries, offering higher vehicle utilization and shared mobility. Our routing engine adapts every second to real-world conditions to ensure timely service. 


Utilize our beautiful, proven customer App, branded to your organization, or integrate your existing Apps to our backend logistics platform. 


Door-to-door, hub-to-hub, path-constrained, hub-to-door, on-demand rides, pre-booked rides, and everything in between. Customized programs can be as flexible or constrained as needed.

Supported Vehicle Types

RideCo’s solution works at large scale with a mixed fleet of vehicles in both high- and low-density urban environments.




Public Transit

Milton, Canada

Client: Metrolinx, a public transit agency in Toronto

Goals: (i) offer first- and last-mile solution for train station in a low density suburb,  (ii) encourage switching away from solo car rides towards shared mobility,  (iii) improve operating efficiency 

Results: (i) rapid customer adoption,  (ii) 45 percent of riders switched away from driving themselves by car,  (iii) net cost per ride was 27 percent less than the municipal bus. 

Client feedback: “A cost effective way to increase service… and solve parking lot congestion issues.”.."We are hoping to explore this kind of solution in Milton and across the entire network.


Employee Transportation


Client: Large employer at Changi Airport

Goals: (i) improve employee satisfaction with a better commuting experience,  (ii) reduce costs through automation and more efficient vehicle routing

Results: (i) over 80 percent of staff rate their commute 4+ out of 5,  (ii) 98 percent on-time record,  (iii) cost savings from fully automated dispatching and reduction in vehicle miles/kilometers traveled


Private Fleet Operator

South East Asia

Client: Grab, transportation network company operating in 178 cities

Goals: (i) enable dynamic-route capabilities for its shuttles and vans, (ii) launch new on-demand services across consumer and corporate business segments

Results: Now operating several consumer and corporate services for Grab including, (i) short-distance trips within neighbourhoods, (ii) long-distance trips between neighbourhoods, and (iii) daily transportation for corporate clients’ employees.

Client feedback: “We are excited to expand our partnership with RideCo to provide greater speed and accessibility to our communities, while keeping cost extremely affordable. We believe that these dynamic shuttle bus and van services will complement the existing public transport network, allowing companies and individual consumers alike to benefit from shared transportation.”


Use Cases

Microtransit | Door-to-Door | Shared dynamic shuttle service for transit hubs | First & Last Mile service | Paratransit


Microtransit | Door-to-Door | Shared dynamic shuttle service for transit hubs | First & Last Mile service | Paratransit


Microtransit | Door-to-Door | Hub-to-Hub | Downtown circulation | Travel to entertainment & events | Paratransit


Home to Airport | Hub-to-Hub | Door to Door | Corporate commute | Travel to entertainment & events



RideCo's smart-shuttle technology is being used and tested in cities and campuses across the world. See what these publications have to say about us:


"dynamic bus services can provide a better commuting experience and optimise resources and operating costs" 

"RideCo provided a platform that would allow Grab to study user behaviour with minimal technological enhancements on its part"

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"We had a gap in our services, and we thought this was an innovative approach to fill that gap" 

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"GO joins Milton Transit to test new door-to-door bus service"

"One of our goals at Metrolinx is to foster and support innovative ideas that make it easier for people to get around...........the project will reduce demand for parking spaces, which are often in short supply."

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"It can be a first and last mile solution....shuttle passengers to LRT stations and rapid bus networks from low-density suburbs."

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