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Easy and convenient for riders, efficient and productive for transit operators.

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Trusted by Industry Leaders

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We power the world’s next generation transit system

Transit is being transformed from a system of static, scheduled fixed-routes, to a dynamic on-demand network. We were the first company to launch an app-based public microtransit service in North America & Asia. Today, our clients include four of the largest ten cities in the United States and Canada.

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Improved Passenger Experience

Upgrade to an app-based service for less walking, less waiting, and shorter travel times, relative to fixed-route only systems.

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Higher Transit Ridership

Extend your transit network reach and attract more riders by integrating on-demand with your core fixed routes.

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Lower Cost per Ride

Improve your cost efficiency with our industry leading demand-response productivity.

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“RideCo’s team has the industry’s top performers in the field of Microtransit including specialists in software development, modeling and analytics"

Board Report, Jan 2020

“[RideCo’s] On-demand transit has proven to be a true game-changer. The service has been tremendously successful as a flexible travel option that helps VIA become more efficient."

Jeffrey C. Arndt, President & CEO
Image of Calgary with park in foreground

“We’re excited about this app… we just need to make sure we are keeping up with the times and offering the service in a way that meets need and is most economical.”

Jyoti Gondek, Mayor of the City of Calgary

"It is a giant Uber bus system. It was almost half the operating cost for the town [compared to a continuously circulating bus system].”

Jeff Genung, Mayor of Cochrane

"A new mobility option that can meet those changing needs while still fulfilling our responsibility to reduce congestion and get cars off the road by using shared rides.”

James Butts, L.A. Metro Board Chair

“We are excited to partner with RideCo to provide greater speed and accessibility to our communities, while keeping cost extremely affordable.”

Alvin Wee, Head of GrabShuttle

“[RideCo’s service] will increase the ability for all residents to move freely around town, including the youth, seniors, those with disabilities, as well as those residents who prefer to not use a personal vehicle”

Bill Robertson, Mayor of Okotoks
Daytime view of San Antonio from above

“A game-changer for the industry.....we’ve attracted new riders to the service, and we’ve kept the riders that we had on the old service.”

Jon Herrera, VP of Public Engagement
Image of rail service passing through residential area

“The RideCo team did a tremendous amount of service analysis planning prior to launch and continues to work with our interagency team. We feel like we have a true partner.”

Christie Marcella, Economic Development Manager

"I have been very pleased with RideCo’s support in putting everything together. The team has been accommodating and helpful, which is nice to see for an agency—more than I could ever ask for."

Bruce Lindner, Executive Director, PCACS

"PWT has independently evaluated... the market's most well-known demand-responsive companies... PWT can attest that Rideco is the top expert in microtransit technology..."

Dan Finley — VP Corporate Services

Built to solve your transit pain points

We offer end-to-end solutions that are tried, tested, and exceeding service goals.

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Area mobility

Improve mobility for residents in large areas with smaller populations and dispersed trip patterns.

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Provide high-frequency connections that close the gap between fixed-route transit and trip origins and destinations.

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bus routes

Replace expensive or poorly performing fixed-route buses with reliable and cost-effective microtransit.

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Upgrade paratransit to be timelier, more efficient, and on-demand.

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Simplify your employees’ commutes and ensure they get to work on time for every shift.

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Reduce the need for multiple transfers and long in-transit times with efficient single trips.


RideCo's innovative transit solutions have been recognized with numerous awards for their significant impact on improving mobility in cities and transit agencies across North America.

We’ll work with you throughout it all

Our team offers so much more than the technology. We partner with you to manage the project end-to-end and work tirelessly until the service has achieved the desired outcomes.

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Service Design

We will analyze your transit network and data to design a bespoke service model collaboratively with your team.

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Launch Support

Our project team will provide a seamless transition, comprehensive training, and hands-on support.

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Performance optimization

Our client success team will proactively make service improvement recommendations and work to consistently improve service metrics to exceed KPI goals.