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RideCo was built to solve North America’s transit challenges. We transform your transit system to make it convenient to ride and cost-effective to operate.
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With patented technology, RideCo’s on-demand transit software is changing the way agencies deliver mobility to their communities. Our comprehensive product suite streamlines and optimizes operations to improve service efficiency and productivity.
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The On-Demand Transit Solution.
Award-Winning Transit Solution
Our commitment to continuous innovation is building a foundation for the future of mobility. RideCo’s on-demand transit solution has been widely recognized for its impact on improving mobility in cities and municipalities across North America.
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Configuration Optimizer
Continuous optimization against all possible seat configurations within the fleet to rearrange passengers dynamically and autonomously.
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The On-Demand Transit Solution.
Move Towards Transit Equity
RideCo enables agencies to provide more equitable and accessible transit for the people in their communities—no matter why or where they are going. Our on-demand transit software supports diverse use cases to meet both the agency's and community’s mobility needs.
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The On-Demand Transit Solution.
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Learn how agencies are making transit more convenient to ride and cost effective to operate using our industry-leading software.
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The On-Demand Transit Solution.
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