Driver App
Dynamic Routing. Schedule Optimization. Automatic Dispatching.
In-vehicle, driver-facing, application for automated vehicle location, mobile data communication, and real-time dispatching and data collection.
Powered by RideCo’s patented transit routing software, the Driver App provides driver support by navigating and optimizing routes, allowing for adjustments based on new bookings and unforeseen route conditions.
How it works
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Driver App
Backend Routing Engine
For increased efficiency, our backend routing engine integrates traffic data with drive-time estimates and route generation.
RideCo’s Driver App offers step-by-step instructions to facilitate fully automated dispatching and dynamic routing. We provide real-time, turn-by-turn navigation support, including audiovisual directions and notifications through preferred mapping software.
Efficient Itineraries
For continuous optimization, our software builds unique vehicle itineraries as new trips are added. Our real-time trip data makes adjustments to trips and schedules based on the latest information available.
What Makes Us Different?
Our software is designed to provide your riders and transit operators with flexible, on-demand transit solutions.
Dynamic Breaks
Streamline driver itinerary management through baked-in Dynamic Breaks.
Frequency Variation
Adjust ride availability in low-demand peripheral areas to lower service frequencies than areas with high demand, using a single fleet.
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