Passenger App
Flexible Booking. On-Time Guarantee. Real-Time Tracking.
The Passenger App is a user-facing on-demand smartphone application, web portal, and concierge tool for trip reservation and management that provides a seamless rider experience.
Whether riders need an on-demand trip, plan to take multiple trips, or need to schedule recurring trips in advance, RideCo’s Passenger App has transit software solution for everyone.
How it works
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Passenger App
Using the Passenger App, riders can request on-demand trips or preschedule them in advance, book recurring rides, or schedule multiple trips at a time.
On-Time Performance
When booking, riders are provided with guaranteed pick-up and arrive-before times to ensure they get to their destinations or make their transit connections on time. Even with unforeseen delays on the road, RideCo’s dynamic routing ensures these on-time guarantees are met. Across all services, RideCo achieves 98% on-time performance.
The Passenger App is available for download on Apple App Store (iOS), Google Play Store (Android), and via URL on any standard web browser (Safari, Chrome, Internet Explorer, Firefox, and Microsoft Edge).
What Makes Us Different?
Our software is designed to provide your riders and transit operators with flexible, on-demand transit solutions.
Serve both microtransit and paratransit rides with the same fleet by picking up and dropping off microtransit passengers at flex stops and paratransit passengers at doorsteps.
Time Snapping
Create customizable trip frequencies to and from popular locations and fixed-route transit hubs.
Enable multimodal interconnectivity and adoption through RideCo’s trip planning and faring integrations.
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