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METRO Partners with RideCo to Deliver and Expand On-Demand Transit Across Houston


The Metropolitan Transit Authority of Harris County (METRO), one of the largest public transportation agencies in the United States, needed to find an innovative solution that would help improve the delivery of their public dial-a-ride service. To address operational challenges with call center bookings and manual intervention, METRO partnered with RideCo to implement an automated on-demand transit solution in Missouri City, Kashmere, Acres Homes, and the recently launched Hiram Clarke.


In order to improve service delivery, the key objective of METRO’s partnership with RideCo was to reduce manual intervention for the agency’s schedulers and dispatchers and increase operational efficiency. Additionally, METRO wanted to improve the overall passenger experience through providing more convenient and reliable on-demand service.

"This is one of the most important innovations that we have done to improve rider service ... For people who live in a Community Connector zone, this makes the METRO vehicles as close as their smartphone ... and it will greatly enhance their ability to use METRO services."
Jim Robinson, CFE, First Vice-Chair, Board of Directors

RideCo Solution

Using RideCo’s on-demand transit platform, METRO Houston launched thecurb2curb service which provides riders with the flexibility to book trips ondemand, in advance, or pre-book for multiple days. RideCo’s patented routingalgorithm, Solver, ensures efficient routing through autonomous and continuousoptimization, providing a solution for METRO’s challenges with manualdispatching.

Initially providing increased mobility in Missouri City and Kashmere, thecurb2curb service has since expanded to two additional zones in Acres Homes andHiram Clarke. The more convenient and efficient service resulted in increasedridership, with a 67% increase in passengers per vehicle hour, 58% sharedrides, and 4.8/5 star trip rating.

In addition to microtransit, METRO is using RideCo’s platform for its Same-Day METROLift paratransit service.

Download the expanded case study to learn how RideCo increased ridership across four on-demand transit zones.

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