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Moorpark Increases Ridership by Personalizing the Passenger Experience with On-Demand Transit

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Moorpark, in Southern California, was seeing a shift in how their residents were using the Moorpark City Transit (MCT) services. Existing changes in demographics and fluctuating ridership trends were expedited with the COVID-19 pandemic, resulting in underutilized fixed-route buses.

Our partnership with RideCo has enabled our city to provide a public service that aligns with the long-term goals in Moorpark’s General Plan. MCT On Demand is connecting our community in a safe and sustainable way, and is a positive contribution to the growth and development of our city for all and future generations.
Daniel Kim Public Works Director, City of Moorpark

Use Case

Underperforming Bus Routes

In order to address changing rider demographic and ridership behavior's, a key objective of MCT partnership with RideCo was to reduce underutilized buses. Additionally, MCT wanted to explore options that could provide more direct trips with shorter wait times to recover and attract new ridership.

RideCo Solution

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Using RideCo’s industry-leading platform, MCT On Demand provides stop-to-stop service across the entire city, supplementing MCT’s fixed-route network. Riders have the option to book their trips on demand or schedule them in advance using the Passenger App on their smartphone, the web booking portal, or through the call center. In providing more personalized and convenient mobility, MCT has been able to deliver an enhanced passenger experience for existing ridership, while reaching and attracting a new rider demographic.

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