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Throughout San Bernardino Valley in Southern California, OmniTrans provides several public transit programs that serve residents living across 15 cities and communities. With fixed-route and express buses, paratransit, and Metrolink rail service, OmniTrans was utilizing these different modes of public transit to build an integrated multimodal network. However, the agency wanted to explore a more productive solution that could also expand the catchment area to better connect residents to the Metrolink rail service.

We looked at who our riders are and where they are going, and what we learned is that people have access to places that our fixed-route network was not taking them....OmniRide serves to connect the whole region, so our vision is to further implement the service and expand access.
Erin Rogers, Chief Executive Officer, OmniTrans

Use Case

Underperforming Bus Routes

OmniTrans identified that certain fixed bus routes with more than 60-minute headways had low ridership and a result, poor productivity.

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Using RideCo’s industry-leading on-demand transit technology, OmniRide initially launched in Chino Hills and replaced the fixed bus route that was operating throughout the city. The stop-to-stop service has since expanded to two additional zones in Upland and Bloomington. Throughout the three zones, residents have increased access to essential destinations such as medical centers, senior living communities, and logistical employers in industrial centers. For trips with destinations beyond the service zones, OmniRide uses Time Snapping to connect residents to fixed bus routes and rail service.

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