City Launches On-Demand Bus Service Next Week

Jess Blenkarn
2 minute read

Originally published by Guelph Today on April 28, 2021.

A couple of new options for transit-takers will launch next week, with the start of a regular route to the Hanlon Creek Business Park and on-demand service in some areas.

Beginning Monday, the on-demand service replaces community buses, which went on a dedicated route connecting regular Guelph Transit services with a variety of destination locations such as medical centres and shopping outlets on a one-hour loop.

This new service runs in the same areas of the city as community buses, but allows people to book the nearest pick-up and drop-off spots, with no fixed route or schedule.

“We would carry about 30 to 50 passengers a day (during a 16 hours),” said Jason Simmons, the city’s manager of transit operations, said of community buses. “We decided to better utilize those resources.”

Rather than using full-sized buses, the on-demand service employs a 14-passenger vehicle.

People can request the on-demand service from anywhere in the city, though travel is limited to the previous community bus areas, between 8:30 a.m. and 4:30 p.m. Monday through Saturday.

It operates much in the same way Uber and other ride-sharing services do, Simmons explained.

“(The app) will direct you to the closest stop that is available to you … and then it will give you three options within the next 40 minutes of when we would be available to pick you up. What happens is it gives you a guaranteed arrival time.”

To book a ride, download the “On-demand your way” app, visit or call 519–822–1811 (prompt 5) during limited hours.

In addition, on-demand transit access to the Hanlon Creek Business Park, at the south end of town, to the west of the Hanlon Expressway, is being added.

That bus will run during regular hours, additional buses during morning and afternoon rush hours.


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