RideCo Launched New On-Demand Transit Service in Southern Nevada


Jess Blenkarn


4 min read

Jess Blenkarn
4 min read

On Sunday, August 8th, the RTC launched RTC OnDemand, a new on-demand transit service in partnership with RideCo. This new service is an affordable and convenient way to travel around town, and we are currently servicing the West Henderson and Southwest Valley zones. Learn more about the program at

RTC OnDemand launched in a 33 square mile zone on August 8th.

As a company, RideCo’s mission is to power the next generation of transit by transforming static, fixed-route systems, to dynamic, on-demand networks. Founded in 2013, we were the first company to launch an app-based public microtransit service in North America and Asia, and today, our service with Los Angeles County Metropolitan Transportation Authority (Metro) is the largest publicly procured microtransit deployment in the world.

RideCo’s project with RTC kicked off at the beginning of June, with an extensive conversation to understand the agency’s requirements. RTC OnDemand has the following objectives:

  • Provide efficient mobility to general riders and paratransit passengers with a single fleet.
  • Complement the fixed-route buses by bringing more passengers from this low-density area into the existing network.
  • Align and integrate with the existing fare structures and media across the network, so that passengers can now pay directly through the RideRTC OnDemand app for a seamless vehicle onboarding experience!
  • Pilot same-day on-demand paratransit service for paratransit passengers in the area.
  • Meet the hard launch date of August 8.

Using RTC’s existing analytics, data, and objectives, RideCo collaborated with RTC, to develop a service model design that has helped increase ridership on fixed-route buses within the zone by making it easier to get to and from a bus stop.

By mid-July, RideCo developed and set up the RTC OnDemand app by compiling RTC’s branding assets, custom configurations, and settings. After comprehensive training and testing, RideCo iterated the app to ensure the program was configured to meet the needs and requirements of RTC OnDemand.

“This new service in Southern Nevada is extremely exciting for RideCo,” said RideCo’s Project Manager for RTC, Riana Jagessar. “We partnered with the very dedicated, hardworking, and fun RTC project team to develop a solution that worked for passengers and solved their challenges.”

The service commingles general on-demand transit riders with paratransit passengers in the same zone while using the same fleet of vehicles. Our Microtransit Service Integrator enables different rider types to be efficiently served according to their specific needs.

For instance, paratransit riders receive door-to-door service throughout the RTC zone while general transit riders are picked up from their doorsteps and dropped off only at points of interest, such as fixed-route transit stops, medical facilities, grocery stores, shopping centers and more through the same fleet.

RTC OnDemand app walkthrough.

Both general transit and paratransit passengers using the Southern Nevada service experience many benefits including:

  • Convenient access: RTC OnDemand will take riders right to the fixed-route stops, eliminating the inconvenience of connecting to major fixed-route transit.
  • Flexible booking options: Riders can get a ride within 30 minutes, or they can pre-book their rides up to 7 days in advance.
  • More efficient: Instead of having multiple connections and transfers within fixed routes, riders can be dropped off at their end destination.
  • Affordable rate: Rides are just $2 for general transit riders and $3 for paratransit passengers.

RideCo’s software provides a pickup window and guaranteed arrival time so riders know how long they will be on board and what time they will arrive by. This enables easier planning for the passenger and more efficient and cost-effective routing for the agency.

With more accessible and convenient transit for people in lower density neighborhoods, overall ridership and passenger experience are also improved. Through on-demand transit like the one that launched in Southern Nevada, RideCo is transforming the world of transit one zone at a time.

To learn more about RTC OnDemand or our other services across North America, contact us at or visit our website at

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