CityNews Kitchener Interviews RideCo's Co-Founder and CEO

About this webinar

On Tuesday, March 8, our CEO and Co-Founder, Prem Gururajan, joined Kitchener's CityNews 570 for their "Tech Spotlight" interview following RideCo's $20 million in Series A funding announcement!

RideCo plans to use this round of funding to further company growth and innovation in product engineering and customer support to deliver mobility success stories in more communities, both large and small.  

In this podcast you'll learn about:

  • The foundation of RideCo and the power of on-demand transit
  • RideCo's recent launches around Canada and the difference on-demand makes in those communities
  • How on-demand and fixed-route can work together to solve the first-last-mile gap in cities like San Antonio, Texas


Transit isn't the only thing available on-demand!

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our speakers

Prem Gururajan
Prem Gururajan
Co-Founder, CEO

Prem Gururajan is Co-Founder and CEO of RideCo, an industry-leading on-demand transit technology platform that powers dynamic and responsive services for some of North America’s largest transit agencies, including Los Angeles, Houston, San Antonio, Calgary, and Las Vegas. Leading the RideCo team in one on-demand success story after another, Prem’s expertise in computer vision and urban mobility systems helped RideCo win the largest ever public microtransit contract; the 100+ vehicle project for Los Angeles Metro that required over two years of planning and extensive service modelling.

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