How On-Demand is Driving the Future of Productive and Resilient Transit

About this webinar

On April 4th, our Vice President, Direct and Channel Sales, Peter Gould, spoke at Canadian Urban Transit Association's (CUTA) Spring Summit and AGM.

In this presentation, Peter shares how on-demand transit closes the first/last mile gap in low-density neighborhoods, using the northern Calgary zone of Carrington/Livingston as an example.

In this presentation, you'll learn how:

  • On-demand transit closes the first/last mile gap in increasingly prevalent low-density neighborhoods
  • To leverage successful case studies and key KPIs to replicate the solution in similar emerging low-density neighborhoods
  • To select a technology provider with high productivity capabilities and metrics


Transit isn't the only thing available on-demand!

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our speakers

Peter Gould
Peter Gould
Vice President, Direct and Channel Sales

Peter is the Vice President of Direct and Channel Sales at RideCo, an industry-leading on-demand transit solution that enables ridesharing for public transportation riders around the world. He is responsible for leading segment-targeted growth strategies to increase direct sales to agencies and sales enablement for channel partners. Prior to joining RideCo, Peter spent over 20 years in the technology and transportation industries, including a 14-year tenure at Blackberry, where he led the sales and channel teams as Vice President and Managing Director. With a propensity for working with new, disruptive technologies that solve real-world problems, he has a successful track record for developing strategies that help businesses take those solutions to market and generate additional revenue streams. Peter’s track record aligns with RideCo’s mission to power the next generation of transit, wherein he uses his extensive experience and industry knowledge to bring our innovative software and solutions to the market.