Planning a Successful Microtransit Program

About this webinar

Calling all transit planning consultants, transit agency planning staff, and city or regional planning staff! View this on-demand webinar as RideCo’s expert solutions engineers, Sam Haas and Alex Mereu, dive into the world of microtransit service planning.  

Our speakers from RideCo, the industry-leader in on-demand transit, will provide an overview of how to plan a successful microtransit deployment, from real-world examples to the technical parameters of planning.

In this webinar, you’ll learn about:

  • The keys to success as learned through case studies from successful deployments across several use cases.
  • How to overcome barriers to project approval, setting program goals and how to communicate some of the accessory benefits that support the value proposition for microtransit.
  • What to consider when planning a deployment and discussing the flexible range of service levers that can shape outcomes.
  • The future of Microtransit, focusing on integrations between various solutions and services.


Transit isn't the only thing available on-demand!

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our speakers

Alex Mereu
Alex Mereu
Solutions Engineer
Sam Haas
Sam Haas
Head of Service Design

For over two years as part of the RideCo team of experts, Sam has been developing on-demand service models that solve client challenges and surpass their objectives! Sam has led the on-demand transit service modelling for Via Metropolitan Transit in San Antonio, Houston Metro, Los Angeles Metro, and more. His role often involves learning the ins and outs of the agency’s operations, developing and running rigorous real-time simulations to predict service outcomes, and completing operational cost models to understand the service’s impact.

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