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“We’re excited about this app… we just need to make sure we are keeping up with the times and offering the service in a way that meets needs and is most economical.”
Jyoti Gondek, Mayor of the City of Calgary
Transforming Rural Mobility:
Yolo Transit's On-Demand Journey
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Explore how Yolo Transit is revolutionizing rural transportation by bridging the gap between cities and remote areas.
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Revolutionizing Paratransit: The Power of Continuous Dynamic Optimization
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Join us to gain valuable insights into how Continuous Dynamic Optimization can enhance paratransit operations.
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Transit Innovation: Cobourg Transit's Journey with On-Demand Mobility Solutions
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Discover how Cobourg Transit transformed its services through commingling and continuous optimization, and successfully overcame mobility challenges in their community.
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Thought Leadership
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Step by Step – Modular Implementation of RideCo’s Paratransit Software Makes Switching a Breeze
When transitioning from legacy paratransit software to a cloud-based platform, a modular approach to implementation can lessen the growing pains.
What Is Microtransit?
Microtransit closes mobility gaps with greater operational and cost efficiency, putting public transit resources exactly where they should be.
Making the Shift: Transitioning From Traditional Paratransit Software to a Modern Cloud-Based Solution
As paratransit evolves, modern service delivery is essential to ensuring that transit’s most vulnerable customers have equal access to mobility.
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City of Surprise and Neighboring Cities Win the Excellence in Innovation Award at WESTMARC’s Best of the West Awards
Surprise, along with neighboring cities, Avondale and Goodyear, won the Excellence in Innovation Award for their innovative WeRIDE microtransit progra
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Town of Cobourg Revolutionizes Transit System with RideCo Partnership Winning the 2022 CUTA Award in Innovation
In 2022, Cobourg's innovative commingled service delivery model earned the prestigious 2022 CUTA Award in the Innovation Category.
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RideCo and Milpitas SMART Honored with First Place AdWheel Award for Best Marketing and Communications to Increase Ridership
APTA has bestowed its AdWheel Award upon RideCo and the City of Milpitas for their groundbreaking microtransit program, Milpitas SMART.
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RideCo And LA Metro Achieve A 39% Improvement In Cost Efficiency Operating The Largest Microtransit Service In The U.S.
RideCo, in partnership with Los Angeles County Metropolitan Transportation Authority, recently surpassed 1.8 million microtransit rides
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RideCo and SEPTA Launch North America’s Largest Modernized Paratransit System in Less Than 5 Months!
RideCo has successfully launched phase one of SEPTA OnDemand, the new modernized paratransit service within an unprecedented 4.5 month timeframe
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RideCo and San Antonio VIA Metropolitan Transit Partnership on Microtransit Achieves Industry Leading Cost-per-Trip and Service Quality
RideCo recently celebrated an expansion in San Antonio, as it continues to work alongside San Antonio’s VIA Metropolitan Transit
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