Replacing Underperforming Fixed-Route Buses with On-Demand Transit

About this webinar

Attention transit agency planning staff, schedulers, performance analysts, and consultants! Join us for this webinar as transit planning expert Alex Mereu provides an overview of when and how to consider replacing underperforming fixed-route buses.

Our speaker from RideCo, the industry-leader in on-demand transit, will discuss opportunities to better meet the needs of the public while reducing costs and improving performance metrics.

In this webinar, you’ll learn about:

  • How to analyze your fixed-route services to determine where microtransit can provide a more convenient, cost-effective, and productive service.
  • How to do a cost analysis for both your fixed-route service and a potential microtransit service.
  • The practical realities of transitioning a fixed-route service to on-demand, including marketing the service, notifying riders, and removing the bus.


Transit isn't the only thing available on-demand!

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our speakers

Alex Mereu
Alex Mereu
Solutions Engineer

Alex has 12 years of industry experience as a transportation planner and project manager, working on microtransit deployments, transit network plans, station access studies, transit business cases, and rapid transit infrastructure projects. His experience in consulting, and through his involvement as a mobility project manager for the Sidewalk Toronto project, has led him to a deep understanding of the abilities and limitations of applying emerging technologies to solve urban planning/design challenges. His role often involves analyzing potential on-demand service zones, establishing service targets and fleet requirements, and simulating services to validate planning assumptions.