Rethinking Traditional Service Delivery Models

About this webinar

Traditional service delivery models, such as fixed-route transit with long wait times for passengers, feels outdated, inefficient, and cumbersome; all the while, budgets for these conventional models increase as mobility gaps and transit disparities simultaneously expand! The recent pandemic and the unease about tomorrow have forced transit agencies to re-evaluate and rethink their entire system!

Join us for this webinar as transit industry experts, Teague Kirkpatrick and Cody Cornwell, discuss how transit agencies have and should continue to rethink traditional service delivery models. This webinar will follow the footsteps of Transit Pioneers and explore the underlying causes for system redesign as well as the leading changes that are being explored and implemented.

In this webinar, you’ll learn about:

  • Why agencies are reconsidering traditional models, including discussions around mobility gaps, equity and accessibility, and low ridership.
  • Successful examples from the industry of service models that have been reimagined.
  • Methods of reimagination, including fixed-route, paratransit, microtransit, and commingling.


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our speakers

Teague Kirkpatrick
Teague Kirkpatrick
Regional Director

Teague is an experienced leader in the transit technology space! Driven to innovate and transform, Teague takes pride in facilitating positive change through technology. With over 12 years dedicated to transit and technology, Teague has partnered with hundreds of transit providers to develop technology roadmaps. In his role at RideCo, he continues to advocate creative approaches to enhance community mobility and a constant pursuit of mobility for all.

Cody Cornwell
Cody Cornwell
Senior Account Executive

Cody has been actively involved in the transit industry for over 6 years, with extensive experience working alongside transit agencies to develop new and innovative services with the goal of making transit accessible to everyone! In his role at RideCo, Cody works closely with transit agencies across the United States to identify solutions that address their challenges and goals to ensure their ridership receives a high-quality experience. With his enthusiasm and specialized knowledge of both paratransit and microtransit services, Cody is always excited to talk transit!