Revolutionizing Paratransit: SporTrans' Journey with On-Demand Transit

About this webinar

RideCo's Brian Hageman has a panel discussion with Dinero' Washington, Johnny May, and Brittney Darnell of SporTran (Shreveport, LA) to speak about the agency's experience moving from, not one, but two recent legacy paratransit SaaS software providers. Discover how they harnessed the power of rider and fleet performance data to set and surpass key goals in their paratransit implementation.

The SporTran Team will open the doors and discuss everything from inception, the decision to implement on-demand transit, specifics of how the service works, its impressive results, and what's on the road ahead!

In this webinar, you’ll learn:

  • What the SporTran Team learned in quickly switching between multiple prior legacy providers and why they see Rideco as their long-term partner
  • SporTran's Data-Driven Approach with RideCo: After the initial launch phase, how they were able to set clear performance and rider satisfaction goals and work with the RideCo team to meet and exceed them

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our speakers

Dinero' Washington
Dinero' Washington
Chief Executive Officer, SporTran
Johnny May
Johnny May
Director of Transportation, SporTran
Brittany Darnell
Brittany Darnell
Mobility Manager, SporTran
Brian Hageman
Brian Hageman
Senior Project Manager, RideCo

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