Tulsa's Success Using On-Demand Transit Technology: Transforming Paratransit and Underperforming Fixed Routes

About this webinar

Tulsa Transit and RideCo will discuss everything from the history of the project, the decision to implement evening and weekend microtransit service and full paratransit service, specifics of how the service works, its impressive results, and what's on the road ahead!

In this webinar, you’ll learn about:

  • How did Tulsa Transit know when it was time to transform their agency? And how did they initiate the process?
  • How did the transition from their legacy vendor to RideCo transform Tulsa Transit's paratransit service?
  • How are the new microtransit zones for evenings and weekends transforming Tulsa Transit? And what does that mean for Tulsa Transit fixed route service in the future?

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our speakers

Scott Marr
Scott Marr
General Manager, Metropolitan Tulsa Transit Authority (Tulsa Transit)

Scott started his Public Transportation career in 1996 as a Fixed Route Bus Operator in Las Vegas, Nevada. He worked his way up through the private sector over the years while first becoming a General Manager in 2009 for a Paratransit location. He has been a General Manager for over 13 years for both small and larger locations all over the country. He has managed Paratransit, Fixed Route, School Bus and University Shuttle operations. Scott is currently the General Manager/CEO for MTTA in Tulsa, Oklahoma where he started in early 2022.

Brian Hageman
Brian Hageman
Senior Project Manager, RideCo

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