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Guelph Transit Modernizes Dial-A-Ride Service with RideCo’s Automated Platform


Guelph Transit set a mandate to adopt technology that could enable more accessible and efficient mobility for riders. Guelph Transit saw an opportunity to improve their manual dial-a-ride system with on demand services that are designed to improve inefficiencies and existing operations. The implementation of on demand services provided a roadmap for the city's transit system for the future.


In order to improve the manual dial-a-ride system and fix operational inefficiencies that impacted service delivery, a key objective of Guelph Transit was to implement dynamic routing that could adapt to real-time schedule disruptions, remove the 24-hour advanced booking requirement and improve the booking and scheduling functionality.

"Using RideCo’s platform, Guelph Transit is improving service delivery to provide residents with accessible and efficient mobility. As the city continues to navigate the future, our partnership with RideCo enables our organization to deliver a responsive and responsible public service to the Guelph community."
Robin Gerus General Manager, Guelph Transit

RideCo Solution

Mobility Services is a modernized paratransit program that operates efficiently using RideCo’s platform. Customers have increased booking options and can independently book their trips on demand and in advance using the Passenger App or through the call center. In addition to automating booking and scheduling, RideCo’s platform continuously optimizes rides booked within the system to ensure the most productive route combinations. The automation and optimization of processes that were once manual have enabled Guelph Transit to deliver adynamic service that is more adaptable and future proof.

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