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RideCo On-Demand Transit Enables Equitable Mobility While Reducing Cost per Passenger by 47%

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In their commitment to plan for the growth and development of the community, Leduc Transit identified gaps in coverage within its fixed-route network, in particular with first/last mile access to and from the Leduc and Nisku Business Parks. To stimulate economic development, Leduc engaged RideCo to deliver an on- demand transit solution that would increase coverage and access between both the parks and throughout the entire city, despite budget constraints.

The on-demand transit service has allowed us to move from covering approximately 42% of the city with fixed routes to 100% with on demand. Lastly, the ability to add virtual stops within the service area to locations where residents and businesses want them has been invaluable.
Kevin Wenzel, Manager of Public Transportation, Leduc Transit

Use Case

Underperforming Bus Routes
First/Last Mile

To address challenges with the existing transit network, Leduc Transit wanted to explore implementing an innovative solution that would close gaps in coverage and provide residents with increased access to economic and employment opportunities. The agency’s primary goal was to redesign a dynamic transit network that provided city-wide coverage, while decreasing headway.

RideCo Solution

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Using RideCo’s platform, four fixed bus routes were replaced with Leduc Transit On Demand, which now provides stop-to-stop service citywide. The service uses Time Snapping to connect residents to the fixed-route commuter service that takes them to employers and main transit hubs. With citywide coverage, residents have an equitable mobility option that enables access to economic and employment opportunities that were previously difficult to access using the fixed-route network. In providing public transit that better serves the needs of the community, ridership has increased by 252% when comparing June 2020 to July 2021, before the service launched, to September 2021 to October 2022.

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