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With inconvenient and infrequent mobility options, Northeast San Antonio residents had limited access to key transit hubs using the existing fixed-route buses. In providing a service that did not meet the needs of its community, the three buses that were operating in the low-density suburban area were underperforming due to poor productivity. To deliver a more cost-effective and productive solution, San Antonio’s VIA Metropolitan Transit partnered with RideCo to replace the bus routes completely with on-demand transit.

RideCo’s on demand transit has proven to be a true gamechanger. The service has been tremendously successful as a flexible travel option that helps us become more efficient and provides connections to the places our customers go.
Jeffrey C. Arndt, President and CEO, VIA Metropolitan Transit

Use Case

Low-Density Area Mobility

San Antonio’s VIA Link’s current transit system posed many challenges for San Antonio’s residents. RideCo’s goal was to create a transit solution that addressed the challenges of underperforming bus routes in a low-density suburban area, small fixed-route catchment area and low service frequency, bus productivity of less than 15 boardings per vehicle hour, and limited access to transit hubs.

RideCo Solution

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RideCo provides on-demand transit technology and solutions that serve Northeast San Antonio residents on short local trips and daily commutes to and from work. One of the fastest growing microtransit services in the United States, the VIA Link service surpassed its goals within 14 weeks of its launch in May 2019 and has since achieved industry-leading vehicle productivity while delivering significant cost savings. The launch resulted in a 36% reduction in cost per passenger, 5 passengers per vehicle hour, and 650 passengers per weekday. ‍ As a result of the successful partnership between RideCo and VIA Metropolitan Transit, RideCo was awarded the Mobility On-Demand contract that covers a 100 sq. mi. service expansion, adding new VIA Link zones throughout San Antonio.

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