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Metropolitan Tulsa Transit Authority (Tulsa Transit) was previously operating Lift, an ADA paratransit program, using a legacy software provider. Over time, the program faced significant challenges in delivering efficient and modern service due to manual and time-consuming processes that led to poor overall performance. When Tulsa Transit was evaluating a technology partner for a microtransit program, they wanted to find a flexible on-demand transit platform that could provide both a streamlined microtransit and paratransit solution. After partnering with RideCo to successfully launch the Micro Transit program, Tulsa Transit re-launched Lift leveraging RideCo’s paratransit solution.

We’ve embraced change and are seeing the benefits of using RideCo’s modern software. What we’re getting back from the team is that they absolutely love it—they’re seeing the impact of today’s paratransit technology and a future for our industry because of it.
Scott Marr, General Manager, Tulsa Transit

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The legacy software that Tulsa Transit was using to operate their paratransit service was static and inflexible, which limited the agency’s ability to improve on service delivery where needed.

RideCo Solution

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Using RideCo’s cloud-based on-demand transit platform, Tulsa Transit has increased efficiency across their entire paratransit operation. With the same vehicle fleet, drivers, and operational staff, the agency is providing higher quality Lift service for their customers while simultaneously reducing costs. RideCo’s dynamic platform also provides Tulsa Transit the opportunity to continuously improve on service delivery through fine tuning program performance. The ongoing and collaborative process of configuring system features and perimeters enables the agency to achieve the right balance between efficiency and enhanced customer service.

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