On-Demand Transit Reduces Cost per Passenger by 36%

San Antonio, Texas

About this case study

When 3 fixed bus routes in Northeast San Antonio were underperforming due to the low population density of the area, San Antonio's VIA Metro turned to RideCo to replace the buses with a fully on-demand microtransit service. Within fourteen weeks of the launch of the service, it had surpassed all of the agency's goals and has become of of the fastest growing public microtransit services in the US.

In this case study you'll learn:

  • How on-demand transit can be used to replace fixed routes, improving service for both riders and operators
  • Details on the project in San Antonio and some of the challenges agencies like them may face when providing service in a low-density area
  • The benefits that VIA and their riders are experiencing now that they've made the shift to on-demand transit

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"[RideCo's on-demand transit] has proven to be a true game-changer... The service has been tremendously successful as a travel option that helps us become more efficient and provides connections to the places our customers go."

- Jeffrey C. Arndt, President & CEO, VIA Metropolitan Transit