Transit Enhances LA County’s Metro Micro On-Demand Service


Jess Blenkarn


3 min read

Jess Blenkarn
3 min read

Transit app and RideCo collaborated to provide LA Metro with an integrated experience for transit scheduling. Metro’s official app, Transit, combines microtransit and fixed-route service in a single app that riders can use every day to plan trips using a combination of Metro Micro, Metro bus, or Metro rail. Transit app will even link directly to the Metro Micro app for riders to request and track their rides on-demand.

How to Use Transit

Transit users in Los Angeles County can seamlessly access the Metro Micro service, which is now available in seven zones across LA County, from the app they already use to plan fixed-route bus or rail trips.

Riders receive in-app messages and push notifications informing them that Metro Micro is now available in Transit, so they can add microtransit to their transit planning. Whenever a user opens Transit in a Metro Micro service zone, they see a prominent “request ride” button on the app’s home screen, alongside other transit options, and can seamlessly book a ride on-demand while they are planning.

All three services are now available on one app!

Benefits of the Transit Integration

The integration with Transit has opened many doors for transit riders in Los Angeles. Not only can riders now easily plan their trips using a combination of fixed-route and microtransit services, but they can also quickly book the microtransit service through Metro Micro.

Other benefits of this new integration include:

  • Find nearby real-time ETAs on vehicles as soon as you open the app.
  • See all options to get around, including public transit, bikeshare, scooters, and ride hailing.
  • Track real-time vehicle locations on the map.
  • Plan your trip and find the fastest way with Transit’s multimodal trip planner.
  • Tap GO for step-by-step directions, and help fellow riders with crowdsourced real-time information.
  • Subscribe to service alerts on your favorite lines to receive notifications about service disruptions.
  • Set your favorite destinations for easy trip planning.

With all of these benefits, it is no wonder that the Transit app integration is doing so well!

  • 120,000+ monthly users across LA County.
  • 2.3 million views of Metro Micro within the first two weeks of launch.
  • After 3 months, users selected nearly 10,000 trip plans featuring Metro Micro.
  • 100s of users are installing the Metro Micro app every week.

While this marks the first collaboration between Transit and RideCo, an increasing number of transit agencies worldwide are looking to microtransit as a means to complement traditional fixed-route service to extend the reach of their networks. This collaboration between Metro, RideCo, and Transit brings the power of on-demand transportation to riders’ fingertips.

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