A Tale of Two Cities: On-Demand Transit in Avondale and Goodyear

About this webinar

Join us Thursday, May 11th from 1:00 – 2:00 pm EST as the City of Avondale’s Matt Dudley, City of Goodyear’s Christine McMurdy, WeRIDE’s Jacob Fritz, and RideCo’s Sam Moffitt discuss everything you need to know about launching and marketing a Smart 50 award-winning microtransit program.

The Cities, along with their operations provider WeRIDE and RideCo, will discuss everything from the history of the project and the decision to implement on-demand transit to the specifics of how the service works and its impressive results.

In this webinar, you’ll learn about:

1. How two neighboring cities have implemented on-demand transit to solve different mobility challenges:

  • The City of Avondale’s experience replacing a fixed-route bus service with on-demand transit, increasing ridership and improving passenger experience, all at a lower cost
    and the City of Goodyear’s launch of transit service as a new public amenity.

2. The resulting metrics of the service, along with the steps of planning, procurement, deployment, and marketing, that it took to achieve these metrics.

3. What do day-to-day operations look like, and how the cities’ have partnered with each other, WeRIDE and RideCo to implement the service

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our speakers

Matthew Dudley
Matthew Dudley
Transit Manager, City of Avondale

Matthew Dudley, Transit Manager for the City of Avondale, has over 20 years of experience in the transit industry with a variety of local municipalities, including Glendale (AZ), Mesa, and Tempe.  His work includes transit planning & transit capital projects, transit IT projects, contract management, and direct operations of fixed route and paratransit service.  Matthew Dudley has a Bachelor of Science degree in Urban Planning and a graduate Transportation Systems Certificate from Arizona State University. His current work in Avondale has resulted in the development and creation of a multi-city microtransit program that now serves the cities of Avondale, Goodyear, and Surprise.

Christine McMurdy
Christine McMurdy
Project Management Coordinator, City of Goodyear

Christine McMurdy, Project Management Coordinator for the City of Goodyear, has over 15 years of experience in the transit industry. Her earliest achievements with the City of Goodyear include development of the city’s regional Park and Ride, where she managed compliance of federal funding requirements, and assisted with Project Management during construction of the 13-acre, 420 space site. She is responsible for the ongoing maintenance and operations of the Goodyear Park and Ride, and coordinates Valley Metro regional express bus, fixed route, and accessible transit services. During the pandemic, she developed a strategy to implement Microtransit in central Goodyear and kicked off that service in November 2022. She also coordinates the startup of micromobility opportunities in Goodyear through a partnership with Bird, Inc. Christine’s background in administrative and customer service in the private sector, prior to her arrival in Goodyear, contributed to her strong focus on customer satisfaction and logistics in the transit industry. Christine has a Bachelor of Arts degree from Arizona State University in Journalism.

Jacob Fritz
Jacob Fritz
Operations Manager, WeRIDE

Jacob is a young, enthusiastic transit professional with eight years of experience in the public transit industry. Transit has been a true passion of his since he was 13 years old, as he grew up on the San Diego Bus System. Jacob has shown proven results in both the public and private sectors for agencies and private corporations alike, all across the Southwestern United States and the Pacific Northwest. A few examples include Riverside Transit Agency (RTA), in Riverside, CA, where Jacob was able to drastically improve KPIs on all cylinders as a result of new standard operating procedures that he implemented. At Valley Metro in Phoenix, AZ, he was able to improve the functionality of their ITS system for their fixed-route service, improve KPIs and implement a field supervision program, drastically reducing the number of customer complaints. He successfully launched the new WeRIDE Microtransit Program.

Sam Moffitt
Sam Moffitt
Project Manager of Special Projects

Sam is an expert in the transit field, working with clients and technical teams to ensure the successful deployment of microtransit services at RideCo. He has led projects in service design, planning, scheduling, and operations from concept through launch, including optimization, for transit agencies and private operators. In his role at RideCo, Sam has delivered data-driven optimization for LA Metro, SunLine Transit Agency, and more, improving financial and quality metrics for agencies across the continent.

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