RTC Southern Nevada's Journey with On-Demand Transit

About this webinar

Calling all transit agency planning staff, executives, and consultants! Join us on Tuesday, December 13th from 1:00 – 2:00pm EST, as Antonette Braddock RTC’s Director of Paratransit and Specialized Services speaks with RideCo about Southern Nevada’s on-demand transit program from start to finish.

RTC and RideCo will discuss everything from the history of the project and the decision to implement on-demand transit, to the specifics of how the service works and its impressive results!

In this webinar, you’ll learn about:

  • Why on-demand was chosen as the mobility solution for the identified RTC zones, and how the commingling of paratransit and microtransit addressed RTC’s driver shortage challenge
  • How the microtransit and paratransit services work both independently and cooperatively, and RTCs’s experience launching the service, including branding and marketing
  • The resulting metrics since launching on-demand transit in the Las Vegas Valley, and the potential future expansions that RTC looks forward to launching


Transit isn't the only thing available on-demand!

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our speakers

Sam Haas
Sam Haas
Head of Service Design

For over two years as part of the RideCo team of experts, Sam has been developing on-demand service models that solve client challenges and surpass their objectives! Sam has led the on-demand transit service modelling for Via Metropolitan Transit in San Antonio, Houston Metro, Los Angeles Metro, and more. His role often involves learning the ins and outs of the agency’s operations, developing and running rigorous real-time simulations to predict service outcomes, and completing operational cost models to understand the service’s impact.

Antonette Braddock
Antonette Braddock
Director of Paratransit and Specialized Services

Antonette Braddock is the Director of Paratransit and SpecializedServices at the Regional Transportation Commission of Southern Nevada (RTC),leading a diverse range of agency departments, including Paratransit andSpecialized Services, Certification, Customer Care, and Mobility Training. She has developed specialized programs to service Southern Nevada’s mostvenerable residents including paratransit, seniors, and veterans. Most notableis the project development and management of the RTC Paratransit Ride On-Demand,which launched in 2017, and the project development and management of the RTC MicrotransitOnDemand, which launched in 2021.

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