Tulsa Transit Introduces Micro Transit: New On-Demand Service For Easier Transportation



Tulsa Transit announced they will be opening up a new ride-share-like service called Micro Transit for an easier way of getting to their destinations.

Micro Transit is a public service, enabled by an app, which provides transportation during time periods or in areas not typically served by regular public transit.

Customers simply request a ride via the GoPass app, and in about 20 minutes, will be picked up by a Tulsa Transit vehicle and taken where they need to go.

“We can service them and take them to their job, take them to shopping, take them to the grocery store, wherever they need to go, Micro Transit can take them,” said BreAnna Hall with Tulsa Transit.

Only the areas highlighted are the zones in which Micro Transit operates. Rides are available at different times of day, depending on which zone you pick. For anything requested outside the zones, Micro Transit can act as a steppingstone to help get riders to a fixed route location.

“Micro Transit is a really big deal because it’s servicing areas we were never able to service before with a really big bus,” said Hall.

Tulsa Transit has been testing this new service in 2 zones in Northwest and Northeast Tulsa since April and says it has been getting very positive feedback, as it is also only $1.75 to ride.

“We have had great success with it, we’ve had tons of ridership, we’ve actually doubled the ridership from what our fixed route service used to be up there, it’s Micro Transit now, and the people love it,” Hall said.

Now, it’s adding 5 more zones to cover almost the whole city. Breanna Hall says she is hoping even more people use the service.

“Once the community understands what it is and how it works a little bit more, they’ll come to love it just as much as we do,” Hall said.

The app can be used to complement existing fixed route services.

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