Time Snapping

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Create customizable trip frequencies to and from popular locations and fixed-route transit hubs.
How it works

Customizable Trip Frequencies

Our Time Snapping feature helps transit agencies and municipalities offer flexible trip options to popular locations and transit hubs. Based on demand, RideCo provides agencies with the ability to set trip frequency based on past and current demand, providing a reliable and convenient experience for riders.

Seamless Connections

By utilizing an on-demand service to existing fixed-route destinations and schedules, our Time Snapping feature helps agencies and cities enhance their intermodal transportation with real-time updates, ensuring smooth transfers.

Smart Arrival Scheduling

Powered by Solver, Time Snapping intelligently prevents riders from arriving too early or too late for their connections. Instead, it only offers trip options that ensure passengers arrive on time for seamless transfers.
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What Makes Us Different?

Our software is designed to provide your riders and transit operators with flexible, on-demand transit solutions.

Frequency Variation

Adjust ride availability in low-demand peripheral areas to lower service frequencies than areas with high demand, using a single fleet.


Serve both microtransit and paratransit rides with the same fleet by picking up and dropping off microtransit passengers at flex stops and paratransit passengers at doorsteps.


Enable multimodal interconnectivity and adoption through RideCo’s trip planning and faring integrations.

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