Dynamic Breaks

Automated Itinerary. Optimal Timing. Maximized Productivity.

Streamline driver itinerary management through baked-in Dynamic Breaks.
How it works

Optimal Break Management

Dynamic Breaks ensure driver breaks are taken at the most optimal time. By inserting driver breaks into existing itineraries, this feature maximizes transit efficiency, productivity, and on-time performance.

User-Friendly Dashboard

RideCo provides an easy-to-use break visualization tool and interface. This feature is able to respect union and legal requirements with regards to driver break frequency and duration.

Maximize Performance

By ensuring driver breaks are taken at the most optimal time, transit agencies are able to increase their efficiency and maximize their productivity and on-time performance.
What does it do?
With configurable break locations, drivers can take their breaks in safe and optimized locations where they can easily access the necessary facilities, eliminating the need to spend additional break time trying to find an appropriate break location.
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Our software is designed to provide your riders and transit operators with flexible, On-Demand transit solutions.


Serve both microtransit and paratransit rides with the same fleet by picking up and dropping off microtransit passengers at flex stops and paratransit passengers at doorsteps.

Performance Dashboard

Consolidated insights designed to empower data-driven decision making about on-demand transit services.

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