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Enable multimodal interconnectivity and adoption through RideCo’s trip planning and faring integrations.
How it works
Trip Planning
RideCo has extensive experience building and bringing to market integrated solutions with our multi-modal (MaaS) partners. Agencies and their users already experience the benefits of an interconnected transit platform through RideCo’s planning and deep link capabilities. Through RideCo's multi-year MaaS partnerships, involvement in Mobility Data's GOFS working group and Shared Use Mobility (SUMC), RideCo has a demonstrated commitment to the interoperability of microtransit and existing fixed-route transit infrastructure.
RideCo provides a wide range of faring integration capabilities to ensure that agencies faring needs are met, providing a seamless faring experience.
What does it do?
RideCo’s Integrations allow transit agencies and municipalities to drive full transit ecosystem interconnectivity and adoption through trip planning and faring integrations.
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What makes us different?
Our software is designed to provide your riders and transit operators with flexible, On-Demand transit solutions.
Frequency Variation
Adjust ride availability in low-demand peripheral areas to lower service frequencies than areas with high demand, using a single fleet.
Dynamic Breaks
Streamline driver itinerary management through baked-in Dynamic Breaks.
Time Snapping
Create customizable trip frequencies to and from popular locations and fixed-route transit hubs.
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Learn how agencies are making transit more convenient to ride and cost effective to operate using our industry-leading software.
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