Modernizing Dial-a-Ride Paratransit with On-Demand in Guelph, Ontario

Gueph, Ontario

About this case study

When the City of Guelph in Ontario, Canada wanted to modernize and improve the efficiency of their paratransit service, they contracted RideCo to optimize their booking, scheduling, and routing systems with our on-demand software. Their legacy system required manual bookings, fixed vehicle itineraries, didn't adapt to road network conditions and left riders out of communication. In this case study we take a look at how they addressed these challenges and some of the impacts of their new on-demand paratransit service.

In this case study you'll learn:

  • How Guelph Transit has improved both their rider experience and their day-to-day operations internally with an on-demand paratransit service
  • Details of the project to help agencies currently operating a dial-a-ride service look for areas of improvement
  • The differences between a call-centre operated service and a dynamic app-based service

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"RideCo makes booking and scheduling easy, efficient, and works for our passengers’ schedules. My favorite feature is how RideCo handles last minute emergencies such as vehicle breakdowns, as we no longer have to manually reschedule rides and our passengers are still picked up with little or no delay. Features like this have made my job so much more stress-free and efficient."

- Deborah Diebolt, Lead Hand, Transit Operations at Guelph Transit