How LA Metro is building the world’s largest on-demand transit system with RideCo

Los Angeles, California

About this case study

LA Metro, America's third-largest public transit agency by ridership, found that more than 50% of trips taken in LA County were short, solo trips that did not leverage public transit.

To address this problem, the agency partnered with RideCo to launch a state-of-the-art 100-vehicle microtransit service in 6 zones across LA County.

In this case study you'll read about:

  • How LA Metro chose the right partner through the largest microtransit feasibility study ever conducted
  • What the project will look like once launched at full scale
  • How RideCo's team worked with LA Metro to analyse, design, plan, promote and report on the performance of this project
  • Some of the benefits that Metro and their riders will experience

You can also check out Metro's own board report for additional details on the project.

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“Metro is pushing the envelope in order to give people more affordable, flexible options to get around Los Angeles County without driving alone ...”

- Phillip A. Washington, CEO at LA Metro