RideCo Roundtable: The Future of Paratransit

About this webinar

Join us for this webinar as our Director of Business Development and Partnerships, Dustin Heimler moderates a roundtable discussion with the Paratransit leaders from Guelph Transit and the St. Catharines Transit Commission, Adam Arbour, and Jason Simmons. They are also joined by their RideCo Customer Success Management counterparts, Rebecca Kundrik and Riana Jagessar.

Our panel of on-demand paratransit experts bring their unique experience and perspectives as we discuss everything that goes into putting a paratransit service on-demand, the benefits that it can bring, and the future of commingling.

In this webinar you'll learn:

  • How on-demand paratransit can provide a better rider experience
  • How to improve your dispatching and scheduling team's workflows with optimized automated routing and scheduling
  • Taking your paratransit fleet on-demand and the future of commingling


Transit isn't the only thing available on-demand!

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our speakers

Riana Jagessar
Riana Jagessar
Client Success Manager

Riana has a proven record of success in her 6+ years of experience at RideCo. She has acted as the primary project manager for many on-demand service launches worldwide, working closely with agencies like the St. Catharines Transit Commission, Grab (Singapore), and METRO Houston. She works with clients to surface actionable insights from operational data to help improve operational efficiency and the rider experience.