How Houston Metro Modernized Its Legacy Dial-a-Ride

February 24, 2021

About this webinar

Join us for this webinar where we discussed METRO Houston's new on-demand project with their Director of Paratransit Services, Michael Andrade and Microtransit Manager, Brittney Houston. Before this project, METRO relied solely on their call center to manually book and schedule trips for their customers. RideCo and METRO partnered to launch a fully-automated on-demand transit service in a medium-density city outside of Houston and a low-density neighborhood in Northeastern Houston. Now, passengers use a mobile app to book a ride that is on-demand or pre-scheduled, are picked up at their door in 5-seat minivans, and are dropped off right at their destination.

During the webinar, we talked about the motivations and planning that went into the project, some of the things that make this project unique, and how it became a reality. We also considered some of the benefits that both METRO and their riders are experiencing with the new service. Finally, we discussed how agencies like METRO can start modernizing their own operations.

In this webinar you'll learn:

  • How METRO Houston modernized their legacy dial-a-ride system with RideCo's state-of-the-art on-demand transit solution
  • The benefits of an automated transit platform vs manual booking and scheduling
  • How your agency can quickly modernize operations to accomplish the goals and objectives unique to your transit system


Transit isn't the only thing available on-demand!

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Michael Andrade
Michael Andrade
Director of Paratransit & Microtransit Services at Metropolitan Transit Authority of Harris County

Michael is a veteran of the transit industry, with over 30 years of experience at METRO. Today, he leads METRO's paratransit (METROLift) and microtransit services, which served over 2.09 million rides in 2019. He has a proven track record of working with staff, customers, community leaders, and the Board of Directors in shaping service and delivering some of the most efficient and cost-effective operations in the United States.

Brittney Houston
Brittney Houston
Microtransit Manager at Metropolitan Transit Authority of Harris County

Brittney has been working with the Metropolitan Transit Authority of Harris County for over 10 years. In her most recent role as Microtransit manager, she is helping to support the launch of the new curb-to-curb service, managing day-to-day operations, and working to attract new riders.

Dustin Heimler
Dustin Heimler
Director of Business Development and Partnerships

Dustin Heimler is the Director of Business Development and Partnerships at RideCo and is responsible for growing our market share across North America, Europe, and Asia. Dustin oversees a team of account executives, service designers, marketers, and business writers who help transit agencies, municipalities, and transit operators implement dynamic on-demand microtransit solutions that improve transit, increase ridership, and reduce the cost-per-passenger. Dustin has had an integral role in implementing 20+ on-demand transit services with RideCo since 2019, including expansions in Los Angeles, Calgary, and Houston.